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Cultural Training Program

Melany Tainui

Cultural Training Facilitator

Draft Programme for Treaty Workshops

  • Our own Identity
    - Something about our names?
    - How have we been shaped?

  • Understanding our history - The Why
    - Exploring our own history
    - History of Takapuneke (Waitangi in the South)
    - Whakapapa of the treaty

  • Treaty of Waitangi
    - The signing of the Treaty
    - Exploring the Treaty - Who Kept? Who Gave?
    - Relationships between Crown and Iwi

  • Engaging with Maori Communities
    - Understanding Maori values, processes and protocols
    - Understanding equity
    - How can we include values and processes into our daily work?

  • Systems Change
    - How can we do things differently?
    - Developing a change plan


Training Workshop
- One Workshop per month, 9am - 3pm
- Four Workshops a year
- Followed by a Wananga at Onuku Marae

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OUR Facilitators

Our team of facilitators and trainers have a combine expertise of over 100 years. They will be able to  engage your children and motiveate your board members.

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