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Brand Ambassador

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Logistics & Procurement

La Datcha 77 is a six-deck expedition yacht offering luxury accommodation for up to 12 guests.  The yacht stands out with true purpose-built expedition capability and its unique La Datcha Expedition Yacht 77 design pedigree by top luxury yacht builder Amels and Damen. Guests can safely enjoy the most spectacular Arctic and Antarctic landscapes thanks to Ice Class and IMO Polar Code engineering. 25 crew members are there to assist guests in any way they can.


Beachhead Advisor, East Asia

Located throughout New Zealand and around the world, New Zealand Trade & Enterprise (NZTE) Beachheads advisors are a network of private-sector experts who offer perspective and insights to help New Zealand
companies shape the direction of their business.

Cultural Experiences & Brannding Enhancments

I have reinvigorated the delivery of the cultural heritage of this venue. While dramatically increasing brand alignment and presence. 

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Menu Engineering & Design

I have redesigned the Little Creatures menu from top to bottom, and this involved collaborating with the Executive Chef and General Manager to identify workhorse menu items. Adjusting portioning and costing to maximize return and localizing item to entice the Singaporean palate. 


Menu engineering considers the entire layout, paying particular attention to hero items and those that will drive incremental revenue to the restaurant.

Authentic Singaporean flavours with a difference, by Singapore's leading celebrity chef Justin Quek.

Led the fit-out and build out of Celebrity Chef Justin Quek's return to Marina Bay Sands. 

Managed menu design, purchasing of equipment, staffing entire service team, and development of the bar program.

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Asia’s premier celebrity chef Justin Quek presents Chinese and local dishes in the style of European fine dining establishments.

Lead the fitout and build up of Celebrity Chef Justin Quek's return to Marina Bay Sands. 

Managed menu design, purchasing of equipment, staffing entire service team and development of the bar program.


Built from the ground up

Bar-Roque Grill is the brainchild of Chef Stephane Istel and Kori Millar, who set out to share the art de la table at their lively venue. Stephane, who is from Alsace and trained in French culinary techniques under Daniel Boulud, is fiercely passionate about his artisan dishes; these include the free-range chicken, beef platter, meat platter, and the tarte flambée.

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