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Menu Engineering

Study of the profitability and popularity of menu items and how these two factors influence the placement of these items on a menu. The goal is simple: to increase profitability per guest.

Service Enhancement

 Analyzing how your team interacts with guests and dramatically improving through SOPs and training.

Beverage Program Development

Bespoke beverage menus aimed at telling a story, and effective costed and targeted to drive profits to your bottom line. ​​


Training & Training Development

Train and coach your team on improving service standards, developing the soft and hardware to continue training your team for success.


Budgeting & Finance

Building budgets to help you achieve your goals, forecasting performance to develop KPIs. Analyzing where your restaurant excels and where it's leaking. 


Creating a high performing team requires hiring the right people for the job. Let us headhunt your next top performers.

Supply Chain Creation - Its not only important to find excellent ingredients for your menu, but the best suppliers who will bring you success. We will use our extensive network to find the perfect vendors.


Marketing & PR

Running a business is demanding, let us take care of your marketing campaigns, develop enticing EDMs (electronic direct mail), or reach out to the press to generate buzz about your next event. We proudly collaborate with Digital Plate Consulting for our marketing strategies.


Branding Alignment

When your brand is set, and you have your vision aligned it makes it easier for you to execute. Let us create your restaurant's identity.

Beachhead Advisement 

Provide expert perspective for hotels and restaurants pertaining to: landscape & trends, channel strategy, premium F&B market, and new market entry.

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